Eesti Eine AS is general kitchen and a large catering company based in Tallinn. According to specific needs, we are focused on providing service to four different types of clients: hospitals, schools and kindergartens, canteens and catering. 2/3 of our income comes from providing service to hospitals and 1/3 from providing services to schools and kindergartens. Most of the 120 employees are involved in production or distribution kitchens and logistics.

Under our chef’s guidance is prepared about 5000 meals on a daily basis. Food is transported in thermally secured containers from our general kitchen to the customer’s location and served from our distribution kitchens on department level. All our vehicles are licensed by VFB.

According to our need to serve at least 5000 meals per day on high quality raw material level, we have developed our own:

  • vegetables preparation plant
  • butchery
  • confectionery
  • bakery

Menus are prepared according to healthy and varied diet recommendations by food technologist in close co-operation with dieticians from hospitals.
In our lunch canteens we serve different seasonal main dishes and wide selection of fresh salads.

In addition, we offer a business lunch delivery service for various events and catering service, with the possibility to rent all the tableware. Among to our client list are training companies, camps and manufacturing companies.